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Proven Track Record

The Glide.design team have a long track record of delivering complex, high-quality software solutions using the most up-to-date technologies and approach to software engineering. With a combined experience of more than 50 years of designing and delivering software solutions, Glide.design’s leadership team can rapidly understand a customer requirement and then guide our teams to deliver in a fast, efficient and high-quality solution. See our portfolio below.


Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate. It’s not enough to just keep up with it anymore; you have to keep up with the flow of new ideas and excel at what you do in order to succeed. Innovation isn’t just the biggest, newest, or brightest idea. It is also a thousand tiny tweaks made to ensure that the user, client, or customer has the very best experience with your product or service. At Glide.design we believe the extra time spent by a developer to get it just right makes the difference. By taking a technology agonistic approach to any problem and encouraging our teams to think outside the box Glide.design strives to ensure the best possible solution for our customers.

Work Ethic

At Glide.design we are committed to treating our customers and staff fairly by being open and transparent. That’s why right from the start of a customer engagement we commit to providing a truthful and thorough assessment of a projects complexity and what it will take to get you to the finish line in the most efficient and cost-effective way to get you there.


When discussing standards many will refer to a “best practice approach”, Wikipedia defines best practice as “a method or technique that has been generally accepted as superior to any alternatives” At Glide.design we believe this is a lazy shorthand that in itself is meaningless. Glide.design’s commitment is to adopt practices and processes that ensure our work is secure, maintainable and fit-for-purpose. We strive to ensure we are using the best technology for a customer’s requirements and implement our solutions in a way that ensures the best possibly outcome for our customers.


Whether you’re a new venture looking for a complete design and development capability to delivery your first, all important, Proof of Concept or Minimum Viable Product or an established engineering team looking to augment your existing team with specific skills or elastic scaling requirements, Glide.design can help.

Glide.design provides infrastructure solution architects and full-stack development capability, along with requirements analysis and design services to support your business with all its software engineering needs.



The Victoria Cross and George Cross Association represents all living holders of the Victoria Cross and George Cross and maintains physical archives in London stretching back centuries...


...A primary goal of the web app, built by Glide.design, is to provide an educational resource portal for the general public and so we worked with the VCGCA to help digitize 100s of years of physical documents including letters, correspondence, newspaper clippings...


...and transcripts. In order to provide a great UX with advanced navigation and search engine facilities we implemented a highly targeted digitalization process to digest their unique physical assets.


The Glide.design team has made it possible for us to share our important archives with the public in ways we previously could not have envisaged.
Rebecca Maciejewska
Chief Executive, The VC and GC Association

Legal Centric

Glide.design worked with Legal Centric to facilitate their transition into becoming one the biggest players in the legal publishing world in Asia where they now enjoy a thriving B2B customer base and a sizable portion of the market...


...The web application, legalcentric.com, built from the ground up, is their primary business presence. We work closely with the Legal Centric team to provide, maintain and improve all of the features their customers most value...


...but also features of vital importance to ongoing business operations including subscription management, content management, content analytics and SEO.


Glide.design developed a complex open source platform for us, combining a full-featured web application, content management system, subscription management and multi-language search engine for a very reasonable price. They have been a big part of our success.
Craig Calkins
MD, Legal Centric


Otro Global Ltd was a sports entertainment and social engagement platform that brings football fans closer to their football idols by providing exclusive access to some of the world’s leading football stars, including David Beckham and Messi...


...The Glide.design team played a pivotal role in delivering Otro’s initial offering. This included developing three sophisticated applications, including Web, Android and iOS. These were delivered in a record-breaking timeline, from inception to initial launch to a global audience in less than 12 months...


...Developed using React and React Native the Glide.design team were able to achieve significant efficiencies in development time, and subsequent maintenance cost, by utilising state-of-art Progressive Web Application technology achieving around 40% common codebase across all three platforms.



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